341. “Whoa, baby, Whoa!” by Grace Nichols

From the moment of birth, a child goes through numerous stages. Some parents like the baby phase, some can’t wait for their babies to turn into mobile and articulate toddlers. Whatever your preference, you must agree that every stage comes with new challenges, that somehow grow with a child. My absolutely biggest worry so far has been trying to keep my busy boy safe just after he started crawling and running. (Yes, he skipped the walking phase). The house was full of forbidden areas and danger zones. Hardwood floors, stairs, high beds… You name it. But somehow, for a baby the more hazardous the place, the more fun it is.

They want to go to the kitchen to see what’s cooking, like to chew on a newspaper, play with grandpa’s glasses, grab a book from a high shelf, flood the bathroom with big splashes or cover his face with mashed potatoes. And while the baby is trying to have some fun, ” it’s always the same old cry: “Whoa, Baby, whoa!”

An amusing read, colorfully illustrated by Eleanor Taylor. A great story for the whole family, and a very useful visual of what to expect, when a child starts moving around for every new parent. In other words, don’t rush things. Enjoy your baby, and prepare for lots of “Whoa!” when they decide to get moving.

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