342. “Job Site” by Nathan Clement

When you drive or walk with your children, or  do you have to slow down or stop, when passing by a construction site or road works? Me too. Children are amazed by the men in hard hats and snazzy vests , as well as the huge machinery they operate.   That’s why I think, your children might like today’s book.

“Job Site” tells a story of a bulldozer, loader, roller, crane, and other heavy heavy machines, that have a job to do. They also have a Boss who tells them what to do. “Finally, Boss says, “This job is done!” and the machine can move to another site and people can enjoy a new city park. 

This highly engaging story is told with the very minimum words, as it should be at the construction site, I guess. The rest is done with vividly colored  digital graphics. Niche illustrations and original story telling.


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