347. “Every Friday” by Dan Yaccarino

Today, it  is Friday and in  a few days, it is Father’s Day. How about a book  that celebrates both?  Fridays with Dad it is.

Every Friday, while mommy and the baby stay home, a little boy and his dad leave the house. Whatever the weather, they take a walk. They see shops open up, pass people rushing to work… One block, two blocks… taking their time,  to have their breakfast at the diner. There is nothing like pancakes and chat with dad. 

Isn’t it always those little things that are the most important in life? It’s those little details that can make us good parents. It’s not the money we spend on our children, but the time we spend with them that matters.

In our family, it started long time ago. I used to tutor on Saturday mornings, so my husband and my son were on their own. “Just two boys, We are going to do the “boys stuff”. My son loved it. My tutoring ended, but the tradition of Saturday mornings just with daddy, has continued. To our son’s delight.

A warm and engaging story and pictures by this talented writer and illustrator.

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