348. “Knuffle Bunny Too” by Mo Willems

If you know Trixie and her Bunny, from their first adventure in the laundromat, you might like to read “Knuffle Bunny Too”.

By now, Trixie can already talk and she goes to preschool. Of course, she can’t leave her Knuffle Bunny at home. She needs to show it to her friends. But what’s that? Sonja has the exact same Bunny! The teacher’s intervention is necessary, and the bunnies are taken away. Will the girls get their toys back? And why are they meeting in the city at night?

As you can tell, it’s a real thriller for Pre-K, with lots of  humor the  Mo-Willems-way. And I just must mention the creative photo-cartoon collage.

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