356. “The Night Before Father’s Day” by Natasha Wing

We all know what miracles happened the night before Christmas, but you might be interested to find out what has happened to a certain dad before Father’s Day.

While dad went biking, the rest of the family went on a mission. To the garage. They cleaned, scrubbed, put things away, set things up… Mom and children were working hard to bring the place to order. Then it was time to wash and polish dad’s car. And as if that was not enough, on Father’s Day morning, dad was greeted with breakfast in bed and cards.  What a treat and what awesome surprises! It was the best Father’s Day ever. 

If you are still looking for ideas to please your dad tomorrow, you don’t need to look far. I am sure there are a lot of opportunities waiting in your dad’s den, workshop, garage or car.

But first, enjoy this amusing and quite inspiring story, as well as the warm illustrations by Amy Wummer. By the way, the book is a part of a series (The Night Before Kindergarten/Thanksgiving/the New Baby…), which might come in handy on other occasions.

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