357. “Daddies” By Janet Frank

Happy Father’s Day! I hope that all daddies are enjoying their special day. Whether your family let you sleep in an extra hour, made you your favorite breakfast, or prepared some other surprises, I hope you feel loved and appreciated.  On my end, I have one more book to celebrate fatherhood.

“Daddies”  pays tribute to both fathers and their jobs.  An interesting twist, isn’t it? After all, dads spend most of their time at work, so what do they do? From baking bread for our breakfast and growing vegetables for our dinners, to building planes, driving cars, keeping us safe and healthy, or even writing books that we love to read, “dads do almost everything”. But regardless of how useful and exciting the job, “Daddy rushes home-to us!”

Okay, perhaps sometimes, you would rather stay longer in the office than run home to deal with a screaming baby, but I can promise you that this phase is only temporary. There is nothing like seeing your child’s excitement, when dad comes home.

A truly warm rhyme and illustrations (by Tibor Gergely), in the familiar tone of Little Golden Books.  A great way to honor dads and their jobs at the same time.


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