358. “Unlovable” by Dan Yaccarino

As a result of successful bullying by the cat, Alfred the dog got to believe that he was “unlovable”. It was hard to think otherwise, if the parrot, fish and other dogs ridiculed him as well. Alfred was very lonely. One day, a new dog, Rex, moved in with a new family next door and the two dogs seemed to bond really well. Over the fence. Alfred was convinced that the friendship would last as long as Rex didn’t know how “unlovable” he was. To his surprise, however, Rex didn’t mind what he saw…

Once again, Dan Yaccarino proved that he is not only an exquisite artist, engaging with his bold and vivid illustrations, but also a very convincing writer, who can touch his readers’ hearts and make them think. “Unlovable” shows how simple it is to crush somebody’s self-esteem, but also how easily it can be restored. All you need is one true friend, who knows how lovable you are. A warm and very uplifting story!



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