359. “Too Many Toys” by David Shannon

Spencer had a lot of toys, in every corner of the house. Big toys, small toys, blocks, cars, rubber ducks, you name it. Some of them were stimulating and educational, some not. Spencer was getting toys from everybody on any occasion. He didn’t object, but his parents started seeing the need of purging. After a long haggling, mom and Spencer prepared a box of earless bunnies and headless aliens to be given away. But wait a minute… The toys can go, but no the box! After all it was Spencer’s favorite spacecraft! 

Spencer has too many toys. So does Victor, Maya, Evan and most of other children these days. So, on behalf of their parents (I hope you don’t mind),  I am asking all the generous grandmas, aunties, and family friends to think twice before buying a new toy to their grandchild, niece or nephew. They will love you even if you show up empty-handed, and the parents will appreciate the less hazardous floor conditions (stepping on a scattered Lego block can be really painful, and tripping over a misplaced truck can lead to the ER). Thank you in advance.

A true to life story, told with lots of dry humor, and typical Shannon, bright, bold and quite eerie pictures. Very engaging all together.

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