362. “David Gets in Trouble” by David Shannon

David Shannon’s work was the subject of my blog only 3 days ago, and I wasn’t planning on bringing it up any time soon. Yet, we have been reading another book by this peculiar writer and illustrator and my  son simply loves it. I just must mention it.

David, whom you might know from the bestseller “No, David!”, tends to get in trouble. But he doesn’t mean to. For example, he just wants to play baseball in the backyard, and ends up breaking a window. He leaves for school without his pants, but not on purpose. He just forgets. He spills  red juice on the carpet, but it just slipped. And so on and so forth. He’s got an excuse for every incident. Until the night-time.  Then the only thing David has to say is “I’m sorry.”

And that’s all that matters for a loving and understanding parent. Most children get in trouble at times, but in most cases, they don’t mean to. Children are not mischievous by nature, rather curious and fearless. It takes a while for a little person to learn to bear responsibility for their deeds (some adults never learn this crucial skill), but eventually children start to apologize for their mistakes. A lot depends on the parents, though. They need set an example.

Hilarious, and so true to life a story, plus, as always in Shannon’s books, highly compelling pictures.

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