363. “Mañana, Iguana” by Ann Whitford Paul

There is no day for a party like Saturday. Iguana thought so too. Her friends, Tortuga, Conejo and Culebra were very excited about the idea. However, when it came to helping Iguana with writing invitations, cooking, decorating the place…, Tortuga claimed he would do things too slowly, Conejo too quickly and Culebra was willing to help mañana, when he would grow his arms. All in all, Iguana prepared the party by herself and by herself greeted the guests. As the three lazy friends were watching the fine fiesta from the outside, they realized their mistake. Perhaps they could make it up to Iguana by cleaning up?

I am sure you can already see similarities between the story and an old folktale, “The Little Red Hen”. “Mañana, Iguana” is a refreshing take on this classic, with a Spanish twist. The story is cleverly written in Spanglish, which makes it as amusing as educational. Children can learn several animal names as well as the days of the week in Spanish, among others.

Lively and engaging writing and humorous illustrations, by Ethan Long. A convincing way to show children that helping pays off and lame excuses not so much.

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