365. “Tell Me My Story, Mama” by Deb Lund

To have their biography written, a person needs to wait most of their life and achieve something extraordinary. Or sensational. But every person has their exciting story and there is only one other person who knows it from the very day one: the mother. So, “Tell me my story, mama”.

About the time when I was in your belly. How everyone wanted to touch it for good luck and dad had to lean over to give you a hug. How my foot was sticking out, and how I kicked. And how you could see me with a special camera. And how you couldn’t have enough of crackers and rice for other food was making you sick. How you and dad picked out my name. And about the horrible snowstorm and the night-time trip to the hospital. And tell me the best part: about when you saw me for the first time. 

This story belongs to a certain girl, but every child has their own, unique beginning. Why not to share it with them? Parents might think that children are too little to understand. Sure they are, but the less they understand, the more charming the story becomes. Plus, children might be little, but they do have big questions, that we should not ignore.

The other day, as we were browsing through photos with my son, he saw a picture of me and his dad, from the ‘dating era’ and asked: Mommy, but where was I then? I told him that he was still in my heart. Not sure how he really interpreted it, but he seemed content with the answer.

“Tell Me My Story, Mama” turns pregnancy into a magical and adventurous tale, that children want to hear over and over again. Cute,  warm and humorous script and engaging watercolors, by Hiroe Nakata.

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