Happy 1st Birthday to 1bookperday!

When I started this blog last June, I did it with a clear goal in mind: to promote reading to children. Not only for the love of books, but also as a unique parent-child bonding experience and an effective tool to better parenting. I wanted to recommend a book for every day of the year ( from the book we read) and I planned to do it daily, for one year (at least). I was facing one challenge, and I was aware of it. Will I be able to squeeze thirty minutes from my busy days to focus on inspirational writing, without sacrificing my family and other commitments? It was hard indeed, but, to my surprise, only at times. Most of the time, this modest blog was the highlight of my days, and both, my husband and my son,  showed a lot of respect and understanding for my undertaking.

We have read many books, haven’t we? We’ve had lots of laughs with exquisite read-alouds by Julia Donaldson and the wacky wonders by Oliver Jeffers or Mo Willems My son loved stories about trucks and other mighty machines, especially a superbly entertaining monologue by a garbage truck in “I stink” by Kate and Jim McMullan. Valeri Gorbachev’s cosy tales and illustrations, Keiko Kasza’s amusing fables or Leo Lionni’s classics, worked as “comfort food” anytime. “Ugly Fish” by Kara Lareau proved to be the scariest story in my son’s opinion I was moved to tears when reading “The Happy Lion” by Louise Fatio or  “Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Gilles Andreae. Every book we’ve read was a unique experience, that enriched us with new feelings and thoughts.

Which books did you find most memorable, useful, entertaining…?

Now, 365 posts and books later, with undeniable, yet minor delay, I have finally reached my goal. I feel happy, fulfilled and I have to admit, quite proud of this achievement. But I wouldn’t have done it without you. Thank you All, for your loyalty. Your encouraging comments, ‘likes’ and subscriptions were most motivational. Thank you so much!

The goal has been reached, but my appetite for this blog has only increased in the course of writing. I am going to take a short break now, and hit the road with my family, but in a couple of weeks, I am planning to resume 1bookperday in a new format. I am hoping to publish weekly posts, which will give you more time to read the books and ideally, share your comments and reflections. I would love to see more interaction! I am also hoping to make the book choices more selective. A monthly theme, perhaps? And maybe YOU know of books worth reading and recommending? Any ideas, suggestions or feedback will be greatly appreciated.

And for now, enjoy the summer and  keep reading to your children. There are so many wonderfully written, and most inspiring picture books out there. And I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with new titles and reflections. Okay, I will probably miss writing, so I hope you won’t mind a little book for a leap year in the meantime.

A. Ch.

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