366. “Prancing Dancing Lilly” by Marsha Diane Arnold

There is no better time for traveling than summer. No point in arguing, the crowded airports speak for themselves. Some of us travel to find and explore new places. Some others want to find themselves in a new place. Lilly belonged to some others.

Her life at Farmer Gibson’s farm was pretty much predetermined. Like her Grandmoo and Mamoo, she would become a Bell Cow and would lead the herd. But how could Lilly lead the line if she could not stay in line? All Lilly wanted to do was dance. She decided to leave the farm and find a place for a dancing Bell Cow. Lilly experimented with musicals on Broadway, tap dancing on a cruise ship, belly dancing in Turkey, Flamenco in Spain, but it wasn’t until a small Caribbean island and a conga line, that Lilly  truly felt the beat. To her surprise, dancing conga was not much different from walking in the line at Farmer Gibson’s farm. Lilly was ready to go back home and become a new Bell Cow. With a conga drum. 

A truly uplifting story for everyone who likes to dance, travel or has ever felt like an odd man out. There are no absolute misfits. We all fit somewhere or somehow. But sometimes, it does take time to find out how or where, indeed. Don’t give in to frustration, enjoy the quest.

And enjoy this smart and entertaining story, as well as the bright and humorous pictures by John Manders.

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