1bookperday in August

Hello Everyone!


It was supposed to be a long and lazy month. Yeah, right. July went by like a day and the longer summer days were just an illusion that one could fill them up like a suitcase. But it was certainly good and healthy to relax and forget about everyday chores and routine for a while.


As August ushers in, I am resuming 1bookperday in a new format. Monthly parenting themes and  weekly book suggestions to fit the topic. But we are going to keep the daily reading, aren’t we? My son would not agree on otherwise.

The subject that I have chosen for August has been inspired by two things: The Olympics, on a global level, and my son’s progress in swimming, personally. Every time I see a great athlete breaking a new record, every time our son  learns a new skill, I can’t help thinking about the potential we all have in us. Not every one, however, will become a champion, not every gifted student will go to college, and not every skill or talent will be discovered and utilized. The question is: How can we, parents, help our children to succeed in life?  The next four books are meant to offer some ideas.



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