“The Incredible Book Eating Boy” by Oliver Jeffers

Now, that we have already established that we should help our child discover and develop their talents, as well as take care of his or her confidence level, there is one more thing we can do towards our children’s success. Give them books! At first I wanted to write: give them knowledge. After all, there is a lot of knowledge in books, so the two could be synonymous. On second thoughts, though, books go BEYOND knowledge. Books provide inspiration, feed our imagination, and most importantly, books are full of wisdom, which is far more useful in life than knowledge alone. Knowledge is about theory, wisdom is about  theory application. Knowledge can be crammed in our heads overnight, which can be helpful to pass a test or exam, but it might still add little value to our grades in the school of life.  Success in life includes wisdom. But getting wise takes time. It comes with age and experience.  Thanks to books, we won’t age faster, but can be more selective about our experiences. We don’t need to jump into fire in order to find out that it can burn us. We can just read about it. Right!  Sounds a bit too easy, doesn’t it?  No book is as convincing as our own mistakes. But perhaps books can save us from making the same mistake twice? So, let me repeat, fellow parents: let’s give our children a gift of books. Let’s read books to them and with them. Let’s make them read. But let’s bear in mind the following: books should not overwhelm a child and reading should enrich their lives with things bigger than knowledge. Why? Look at what happened to poor Henry…

Henry liked books. In a very peculiar way. He liked to eat books. Not metaphorically, though. He really ate them. Any book would do but red ones were his favorite. It all started by  accident, but he liked the taste. Even more, after he’d noticed how smart he was getting on his special book diet!  Until his stomach and brains couldn’t take it anymore…. Things got really mixed up in Henry’s head. “2+6= elephant?” Henry knew he had to stop eating books. And that’s how Henry discovered a healthy pleasure of reading books.

A genius piece of work! Humor, wisdom, and a truly incredible reading experience.


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