“Leonardo the Terrible Monster” by Mo Willems

In my August posts, I have been trying to respond to the question that takes away sleep from many engaged parents:  How to raise a successful child? The issue seems to be of high importance, considering the number of books, articles and blogs (including this one) dealing with the topic. As a result, the concerned moms and dads get overwhelmed and drive themselves into a frenzy. The child is signed up to various enrichment classes,  joins numerous sport teams and is on the waiting list to a reputable school. Hmm… I can’t hep thinking that something got lost in translation.

If you ask me, raising a successful child means helping them to gain control over their lives and make the most of their potential. In the last four posts, I suggested building on talents, boosting self-confidence, and adding a mix of wisdom and knowledge, as a recipe for success.  Sounds complicated? It is not a rocket science, though. You really don’t need a certified  instructor to teach your child basic life skills. Children are natural learners. They have it in them. Raising a successful child is not about filling a preschooler’s day to the brim. It is about healthy balance. Next to stimulation, children need down-time to discover their creativity. And last but not least, raising a thriving child is primarily about love, bonding and acceptance. A child’s value should not be directly proportional to their performance in a piano recital or a spelling competition.  We should love our children just because they are our children. Or rather, just because they are. We need to raise a loved child before we think about raising a successful individual.

If you had any doubts about my parenting strategy, now you know for sure that I am not a tiger mom. I am more of a mother hen. A quiet time with my son, when we  just snuggle, or reading a silly book are for me as important and precious as when we learn how to spell a new word.

So, take a break  from  agendas and timetables and do something  fun with your child. How about a funny book, just for the laughs? I recommend our latest giggle trigger about  Leonardo, a hopeless monster. Lots of  LOL guaranteed!


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