“Even Monsters Need Haircuts” by Matthew McElligott- a fun story for Halloween and beyond

With Halloween just a few days away, I have a few spooky books and ideas to recommend. Me and my son have already shredded an old T-shirt and turned it into a fearful ghost that is now hanging on our entry door. Today we are going to carve a pumpkin. We have also read quite a few quite scary stories. They weren’t the hide-under-a-blanket scary, though. More of a nervously-giggle-scary type.

In “Even Monsters Need Haircuts”, a  little boy is a barber, just like his dad. Unlike his dad, his clients are monsters and his shop is open at night. You just need to see the scary clientele and their haircut preferences. Frankenstein always goes for a clean shave, Medusa likes to experiment and some others just need a trim. The young barber works hard the whole night, but by dawn, the shop needs to be cleaned up, everyone must be gone and the boy must be back in bed.

A hilarious take on monsters or haircuts. Lots of humor in the story and the pictures. I admit, I was hoping this book would help me to to convince my son that getting a haircut is no big deal. Even monsters do it, after all. Unfortunately, he didn’t buy into it decided to stick to his dad the barber and his private barber shop in our bathroom.

It might work for your little guys, though, before their first haircut. And if not, they will sure get some healthy giggles (or  goose-bumps) when reading this fun book.

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