“The Haunted Hamburger and Other Ghostly Stories” by David LaRochelle

Two more days and it is Halloween again. Judging from the looks of our neighborhood,  scary jack-o-lanterns, creepy spiders and spine-chilling skeletons are getting ready for a big night of the BOO fun. Meanwhile, my son and other children are choosing costumes and getting ready for their trick-or-treating adventure. But if your little guy is the scaredy-squirrel type and is too afraid of ghosts and other unearthly creatures to join the black-and-orange celebrations, I have a very special confidence-boosting book for them. “The Haunted Hamburger and Other Ghostly Stories” shows that EVEN ghosts are afraid of certain things…

Franny and Frankie, two little ghosts, are already tucked in their coffins, but they demand a bed time story. Papa ghost decides to tell three stories. The first one is about their uncle Ned, who once tried to scare a baby and ended up as a baby diaper. Then Dad ghost tells a story about their cousin Nell, and her unfortunate encounter with the scariest looking hamburger. The last tale is the eeriest, though. It is about the Big Bad Granny, who terrifies little ghosties with her kisses and tickles. 

I don’t know if any Granny will like the last tale, but I am sure that every child will get lots of Halloween giggles from each ghostly adventure, so hilariously written by Davis LaRochelle and  amusingly illustrated  by Paul Meisel. Have a lot of spooky fun! I still need to fix my costume. According to our son, I should dress up as a witch and his dad as a vampire. Don’t ask me where he got his inspiration from.

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