“Grandpa’s Overalls” by Tony Crunk

Since this month my blog is dedicated to grandparents, I have a few books about grandmas and grandpas to recommend. I am going to start with a book about grandpa . Why? First of all, because they are harder to find. Somehow, grandmas are more inspiring for  the children’s book writers. Or more marketable for publishers. Secondly, in my family, we love our grandmas. They are real angels. But it is grandpas who are the jokers, true play mates and always ready to take their grandchildren for an adventure. And is today’s book.

Imagine seeing your grandpa’s overalls, or let’s say, pants, fly off the hook and run away. It happened to a certain grandpa. He needed his overalls for work, so he started chasing them all over the farm. His family joined the chase, so did the neighbors, but without luck. Finally, everyone decided that if grandpa couldn’t work without his overalls, they would have to do the job. And so they did, while grandpa got a well deserved day of rest. And the overalls? Did they ever come back? Only to pick up grandma’s long-tailed nightie… And since grandma couldn’t sleep without her nightie, the wold chase resumed. 

Absurd, comic and extra-entertaining. A real giggle-generator, both the story and the quirky pictures by Scott Nash. My son loved it and I think your children might like reading it too. Perhaps even with, to or by their grandpas. Whether they wear overalls or not.

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