“Scaredy Squirrel prepares for Christmas” by Mélanie Watt


Unless you are a super spontaneous type, you know that the key to a successful Christmas is in the preparation. Some of us start preparing for the holidays months in advance, others need just a few days, but most of us do some kind of planning. From baking cookies and making Christmas ornaments, to shopping and gift wrapping, it can be so much fun. But it can also become overwhelming and stressful. If you fall in  the latter category, you should definitely revisit your planning. Preparing for Christmas shouldn’t mean giving in to the social pressure and becoming a victim of creative advertising. Preparing for Christmas should make you feel good, not frustrated. Actually, if you think about it, waiting for Christmas should be as exciting as the very holiday, if not more.


Now, if you need some inspiration regarding preparing for Christmas, my favorite critter, Scaredy has written a complete guidebook on the topic. You can find it especially useful if  you share Scaredy’s germophobia, concerns with safety, and your imagination is just as wild. From the guidebook, you can learn about the 12 things to do before Christmas , like finger stretching in preparation for holiday crafts, cleaning ears to listen for sugarplum fairies or running on treadmill to keep up with the holiday rush. ( Who would know?) Among other ‘practical’ things, the companion provides pros and cons of the holiday sweets. (For example, the candy cane is portable, but can shatter into million pieces.) The chapter I found very helpful was about shopping for difficult individuals and instructions for safe gift wrapping. My son, on the other hand,  learned a lot about safe crafts. And last but not least, if your children wonder what Santa or Rudolf look like, Scaredy explains it in very clear pictures. To sum up, the Scaredy’s guidebook to Christmas is full of ‘indispensable’ tips and hints that will turn this ‘hazardous’ holiday into a safe celebration. 

As always with the Scaredy Squirrel series, laughs are guaranteed from cover to cover. Unlike other Scaredy stories, though,  it is a chapter book with lots of text. As a result,  a preschooler might find it too boring and difficult, but a kindergartener should not only handle it well, but have a blast with it.



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