“Dream Snow” by Eric Carle


Apparently, out of many branded and non-branded sounds, the most recognizable one in the US is a baby giggle. Intel processor comes as number two, you might be interested to know. Imagine that the same survey was carried out regarding the most recognizable person. I bet the lucky winner would be no one else than Santa. I would even say, that not only would he be the most recognizable but also with the most look-alikes. Just try it out. Put on a red hat, throw a sack on your shoulders and ask people (especially the little ones) who do they think you are. Santa, of course!


This is what happened in today’s story  to a certain farmer. According to my son, he looked just like Santa. My son’s assumption gave me an idea. Parents often hesitate whether they should promote the imaginary Santa figure to their children or not. Kids so easily fall for the magical Santa, Rudolf and the whole elf crew. Parents love to see their children light up at the very mentioning of this jolly fellow. Besides, Santa comes in handy in more practical ways. Santa is watching you… You’d better behave… But are the above perks worth the later disappointment when children eventually find out that there isn’t any Santa? Well, the tale of Santa doesn’t need to end with disillusion. If the farmer in the story can resemble Santa, he can also be Santa. Anybody can be  Santa for somebody, the same way the Farmer was for his animals.



The Farmer had five animals: One, Two, Three, Four and Five.  They lived in a barn, next to which there was a tree, cleverly called Tree. One night, around Christmas, the Farmer dreamed about snow, covering him and the animals with a white blanket. And sure enough it did snow. One last thing the Farmer needed to do, was to decorate the Tree and bring the presents…

A very simple story, as often with Carle. But so magical! The minimalistic text and most enchanting graphics, with little playful guess-who-is-there-gimmicks, bring out the spirit of Christmas to the maximum. A wonderful story for a cozy, December evening. If the snow shimmers outside, you are all set. If not, you aways have dream snow…





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