“Drummer Boy” by Loren Long

It all started with the three Magi and their symbolic gifts to the baby Jesus. No wonder this noble deed acted as a powerful inspiration to turn Christmas into a magical season of giving and givers. Yet, over time, something got lost in translation. Somehow, spreading joy and peace transformed into the shopping frenzy that only grows bigger year by year. Why instead of extending our simplest gesture of kindness to those who need it, we waste our time, energy and money on finding a super original gift to our family members and friends, who already have it all anyways? A hundredth tie, an extravagant piece of art or a convenient gift card.  Seriously, do you really think that a new Honda can give you happiness and a new smart phone is that perfect gift this season? Last year I perplexed my very gift-oriented mother-in-law, by telling her that I didn’t really need anything for Christmas. This year, I committed another faux pas by saying that our son has more toys than he needs, can enjoy and respect.  Christmas is a season of giving, indeed, but how to get back to the essence of generosity during this joyous holiday? In other words, what is there to give this Christmas?

 A little drummer boy decided to give himself.  He was received by a  little boy who got a lot of joy from his little present. Unfortunately, due to a very unfortunate incident, the drummer boy ended up in the garbage. From there he moved to  a trash can and the city damp site. He was attacked  by an owl,  deserted on the top of the bell tower… Until he got to a graveyard, where he was found by the very same boy who got him in the first place. Despite the drummer boy’s terrifying journey, he never lost his spirit. He just kept drumming.

Generosity is not about buying gifts for the sake of buying gifts. It is about giving. Giving ourselves? We can give a lot because we have a lot. Out talents, skills, time, ideas, sharing a meal…  It is all in us. So instead of another trip to the crowded shopping center, let’s just think about all the great things we have to give and let’s enjoy giving.

“Drummer Boy” by Loren Long is a wonderful story for this Christmas. Captivating story telling and engaging pictures.

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