“It’s Christmas, David!” by David Shannon

The closer it is to Christmas, the more excited children become. And the more impatient. They suddenly start turning the house upside down, frantically searching  for presents, as if they forgot that the packages are still at Santa’s magic workshop. They can’t keep away from the elaborately decorated Christmas tree and want to play with the most breakable ornaments. And  instead of helping baking the cookies, they just want to lick the icing off. And what do we do? We still, half-heartedly, try to bring them back to order with a luke-warm “Santa is watching you!” But do they really care anymore? Somehow, they know that ALL good boys and girls turn into naughty ones just before Christmas, so Santa will have to be understanding. Look at David. His parents had a lot of telling off to do in preparation of the holidays.

From “No peeking!” to “No snitching!”,  from lessons of patience while waiting for a picture with Santa, to rushing him through his super long and most peculiar wish list. There were little threats of a lump of coal instead of gifts, and no, he  could not open his presents early. But one way or another, on December 25th, “It’s Christmas, David!”

Merry Christmas Everyone! Don’t be hard on your little Davids during those last moments of getting ready for a big celebration.  It’s Christmas after all!

And it’s another colorful and humorous delight by David Shannon.

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