Kids are good for us! – 1bookperday in January

To have children or not to have children, that is the question. For some. For others it is luck, extensive planning, blessing or a financial opportunity. Take my parents, for example. Children “just happened” to them. All four of us. My parents-in-law, on the other hand, planned their three children and carefully scheduled the birth of their offsprings, to avoid double college tuitions. Another couple I know designed their family according to a desirable tax break, and many of my friends choose to have no children or one, as a bigger family would be incompatible with their career or a financial stand. People have many reasons to have or not to have children, and it’s not up to me to applaud or chastise them for their choices. The fact remains, though, that globally, we should have more children. At least in the western world, that has been shrinking dramatically over the last decades. If I worked for the government, I would mention your retirement plan. If I were an economist, I would warn you about decreasing markets. But as I am just a mom,  for me having children is not a political or economic matter. For me it is simple: kids are good for us. You might find it hard to believe at times, like after a week-long school break, or when you get a hospital bill, or when all your shirts are stained with milk and two cups of coffee can’t keep you awake (my personal story now), but those little nuisances can’t beat the rewards of being a parent.

I didn’t have much time during the past holidays to do things, but I did do some thinking on the topic,  as I struggled to get up at night to nurse the baby. Let me share my thoughts with you this month. A few happy thoughts for a Happy New Year!

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