Perks of Parenthood

Have you seen that episode of “The Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon decided to give a gift to humanity and have a lab-made baby (as you would expect from a germophobe and scientist) with Amy? In his mind, combining DNA of two brilliant human beings could give birth to nothing less than an ultra-genius, that we, the average people, should appreciate. How generous of Sheldon, isn’t it? On the other hand, I know a couple of bright and successful real people. Although they have a daughter, their reasoning to have a child must have been different from Sheldon’s. In their opinion, them having a child did nothing good to the world at all.

I have to admit that I’ve supported both ways of thinking. At first, I viewed having a child quite selfish. I thought it would make me focus on my family and limit my time and energy that could be used for helping others. Then, convinced by my husband, I started to believe that the two of us, could and should  have a baby that would grow into a valuable human being. By the time I had my first son, none of these reasonings were valid. We had a child because were ready to be parents: to give life to a new person and to watch our child grow. There was nothing altruistic about it indeed, just writing my personal story. However, to my surprise, this apparent selfishness did result in the greater goodness after all. These are some of the conclusions I came to:

1. Becoming a parent unlocks feelings impossible to explain unless experienced. This new wave of emotions helps to see yourself from a different perspective. It also helps you to understand better other parents, including your own. The better understanding of other people opens door to better relationships and opens eyes on other people’s dilemmas and challenges.

2. Becoming a parent makes you genuinely happy. Don’t ask me how, it’s one of the wonders of parenthood. However silly it sounds, becoming a parent gives you wings to fly beyond poopy diapers and brings you to a state of bliss, where big issues shrink, burps become beautiful and four hours of sleep is all you need. Also, happiness becomes a huge driving force that makes you move the mountains, which in practice means doing several things at a time.

3. Becoming a parent makes you win over your fears and insecurities. My aunt once told me that once you have a child, you never stop worrying and the worries grow with your child. Isn’t she a wise woman indeed. But, on the good note, worrying about your child makes you stop worrying about yourself. Suddenly, you become stronger, fearless, basically a super hero.

4. Becoming a parent makes you responsible. Before you know it, you start obeying traffic rules, watch your language, control your temper. You realize that you are constantly watched by a little guy who just waits to copy your every move. And you do want to impress them in a positive way.

5. Becoming a parent gives you a huge privilege of participating in creation. You help to turn a helpless baby into an independent person. It’s the scariest and the most exciting mission in life.

Parenthood is inspirational. It helps you become a better person and discover skills and talents you never thought you had.

And on a lighter note,

Having children gives you a unique opportunity to once again play with your favorite toys, watch your favorite cartoons and read your favorite picture books without being judged or feeling guilty. You can also brush up your elementary school knowledge, shop in toy stores or visit Lego Land. The perks of parenthood are plenty!

So if  to have children or not to have children is still a question for you, or you need a reminder why you have children, I hope this post helps.





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