“The Boss Baby” by Maria Frazee

In my last post I reflected upon the good things that come with children. I shared my findings with my husband, and apparently the only arguments he could really relate to was the one about creation and those  I added “on a lighter note”. His comment made me think. Either there is a discrepancy between perks of motherhood and fatherhood, or maybe it was simply presumptive to generalize parental feelings at all? Whatever it is, I hope that we can at least all agree that our lives change dramatically when we welcome a baby to our families.

From the very moment he enters the house, he is the Big Boss. He runs his business from the office conveniently located in the middle of the room. He works 24/7 and calls frequent meetings, even in the middle of the night. He is very demanding and hard to please, but his loyal employees try their best to address his whimsical requests.  It’s especially hard, as he doesn’t even say a word. Things get a bit easier when he finally starts to communicate, but just for a short while. Before long, he is back to running his business..

Utterly hilarious, especially when you read the story and look at the clever pictures. So well observed and so true! A great read for every parent. (The Big Boss can’t read yet…) The book might not make their work for the Big Boss easier, but it will provide lots of healthy and energizing laughs.

I hope my Big Boss won’t call too many meetings tonight… It’s weekend after all, isn’t it?

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