“Another Brother” by Matthew Cordell

There might be many ways babies reach their Boss status, or run their office. But there are only two ways their rule ends. Either they spontaneously “retire” , or they are ousted from their CEO chair by a younger sibling, who can’t wait to be the new Big Boss.

This is what happened to a certain Davy. He was the apple in the eye of his parents for four years, until his fate  got changed with the arrival of a little brother, Petey. Davy’s parents no longer had time to enjoy Davy’s ba-ba-ballads, because Petey needed to poop or there was another emergency. The situation got only worse due to Mikey, Ben, Gil and rest of his twelve brothers. Not only did they steal their parents’ attention, but also copied Davy’s every move. Mom and dad would say it was just a phase, and Davy couldn’t wait for it to end. But when it did finally end, something was missing… Luckily, there came Gertie!

An ultra-humorous story and cartoons. A  hilarious take on a growing family and the adjustments that need to be made by the first-born. He or she might think that their world comes to an end with a new child  in the picture. But sooner or later, everybody finds out for themselves the perks of brotherhood or sisterhood.

And now you know what my next post will be about.  Another brother or sister?



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