“Let Them Eat Cake” or Russian Rye?

I hope that everyone has digested their holiday treats by now, because this month I am hoping to provide some food for thought regarding eating habits of our children.

Food, just like clothes, school, or religion are choices that we, parents, make on behalf of our children. Therefore, we should make them responsibly. I think it’s pretty obvious that what and how we eat during our childhood directly affects our eating  habits later in life. Why should we punish our children with our bad decisions? At the same time, I do not believe we need to consult a dietician or study nutrition in order to do it right. To much contradictory advice that can become overwhelming. Feeding our children is not a rocket science. People have been doing it for centuries using just their common sense. Why wouldn’t we?

In the following weeks I’d like to discuss three topics connected with the broad subject of food and eating trends.

1. Home Cooking vs. Going Out to Dinner.

2. You Are WHAT You Eat. Picky Eaters vs. Whatever Eaters.

3.You Are HOW You Eat. Children’s Table Etiquette.

And as always, in order to support my arguments, I have some cute and useful picture titles to recommend.

Till the next post! It’s already cooking in my head.



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