1bookperday in March

Spring is in the air and spring collections are in the stores. Why don’t we spend some time thinking and reading about kids’ fashion?

This week, as I was listening to the radio, I heard a story about a mom, who decided to take her nine-year-old daughter underwear shopping to… Victoria’s Secret. Why not, right? After all, what nine-year old wants to wear cartoons on her bottoms! Sarcasm aside, I don’t think this resourceful mom is fully to blame. When I took my four-year-old jeans shopping, I felt like skinny jeans were my one and only option. Luckily, good Old Navy saved the day.  And jeans are not the only item of clothing that attracted my attention as overly fashionable and utterly impractical for an active boy. From Gymboree to Gap, from short, tight tops to long, leather boots, this stuff is sexier than anything I have in my closet.  And that makes me wonder. Is this really the way modern designers see our children?  Dressed in adult outfits? Should parents follow the trend?  And last but not least, what do children think about the whole catwalk on which they are forced to parade?

I have to admit, a lot of clothes for children are adorable indeed. Especially those for girls. I can see how parents give in to colorful dresses and snazzy leggings. Clothes for boys are not as cute, perhaps, but there are some cool ones too. I fell for dressy shirts, for example. Before I knew better, that is. My son, as much as he wants to copy his dad, wouldn’t even try those buttoned shirts on. And I don’t blame him. They are not as comfortable as the soft sweatshirts with a bunch of Avengers on them.

From what I have noticed, children don’t care about haute couture. They like clothes that are comfy and playful. As a mom of two boys, my experience might not be representative of all, but as usual, I do have a few cute picture books to support my argument.

To sum up, this month on my pages will be a few trendy and perhaps a few old-fashined thoughts to do with kids fashion. Ready, set, get dressed!

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