1bookperday in April

As the temperatures rise across the planet, people stop cocooning in their cosy houses and fill up the sleepy streets and parks. The winter hibernation is over. Doesn’t it feel good to finally breathe in some crisp, spring air and give our muscles something to do after a long winter lethargy? Looking at my son and his friends, as soon as the spring ushers in, children explode with a new dose of vital energy. Hence the idea to make April the month of sports on my pages. And by sports I mean not only the organized disciplines, like tennis or soccer,  but any kind of activity involving physical movement. Not driving a car, though, even if my son tried to convince me that this was going to be his favorite sport to master. And not playing video games either. Physical movement of your fingers and thumbs doesn’t count. But from walking (my personal favorite) to biking and playing tag in the park,  on a team or individually, with an instructor or without, moving about is a great way for the little people to pass their days. It helps them to stay healthy, enhances appetite, strengthens their muscles. Besides, being active improves children’s cognitive skills, which means  better learning skills and higher grades. As far as the organized sports with regular practices, they  teach children perseverance and patience, among others. Team sports show how to be a team player, individual sports boost self-confidence. To cut a long story short, the advantages of doing sports are endless.

In the following weeks I am going to recommend several book about selected sport activities and discuss their benefits for our children. In the meantime, I invite you to browse my archives for the books on sports that I had already reviewed:

1. “There are Monsters Everywhere” by Mercer Mayer on martial arts

2. “Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Giles Andreae on dancing

3. “Little Quack” by Lauren Thompson on swimming

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