Madlenka Soccer Star by Peter Sis

Unlike my previous post, today’s reading and writing is about the sport with more international appeal. Soccer, or as we call it in Europe, football, it is. From Buenos Aires to Lisbon, little children dream to become football stars as they dribble the ball along the streets. Just mention Beckham or Ronaldo to the little guys in any corner of the world and their eyes will light up immediately. Many people (including myself) already look forward to the next World Cup, in Brasil, even if it is not until the next year. However simple the game of soccer is, there is something magical about it, wouldn’t you say? Not only has this sport become a global phenomenon, but considering the growing number of girls/women teams, quite  uni-sex as well.

Madlenka was just one of those girls who liked kicking the ball around the block.  Especially a bright new soccer ball. But who will play with her? A mailbox? A parking meter? Dogs? Cats? The streets were full of curious soccer amateurs. But at the courtyard, Madlenka was joined by Cleopatra and other children. Everybody likes soccer. The whole world does. 

A story that truly inspires to grab the ball, go out and score a few goals.  It is filled with soccer jargon and a little note about the history of the sport, which educates next to entertaining. Original and captivating pictures. They make you feel the ball roll. I also like the book’s relevance to the changing soccer demographics. Finally a soccer book not only for boys.

So who do you think is going to be the next World Champion? I personally hope that Spain is going to break another record, but you never know. This is what is so great about soccer. Until the very last whistle, everything is possible.

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