“Vampirina Ballerina” by Anne Marie Pace

If there is one way of movement that fully defines both sport and art , it must be dance. It keeps you healthy and fit like any other sport discipline, or even better, as it requires engaging all the muscles. At the same time, it awakens an artistic soul in your body. As you dance, you create something intangibly magical.  From being inspired, you become inspiring. No wonder that “Dancing with the Stars” or “So You Think You Can Dance” enjoy such high viewing ratings.  And I am not surprised that dance and ballet classes for little girls are filled with aspiring ballerinas.  What little girl who doesn’t like to dance!  Even a little Vampirina does.

But taking dance classes when you are a girl with fangs, is not a matter of fact. The classes need to take place at night, one has to get used to the idea of wearing pink and sparkles… What to do with the bat and the cat? Can Vampirina’s pets come to watch her stretch her toes and practice pirouettes ? And then there is the horrible stage fright, plus the most troubling craving for a piece of flesh of the other dancers… In the end, however, Vampirina’s trying to do her best pays off and she learns to move around like a true Ballerina.

Now, here is the thing about the book. I really love the message it sends to the little girls. My interpretation of it is: don’t worry about making mistakes, be bigger than your fears, you can learn to dance if you practice. Even a vampire girl can. I also like how the ballet terminology is neatly integrated with the story. But honestly, I am not really digging the whole vampire theme. I never took to the Twilight Saga either, though. I guess I am more of an Angelina Ballerina type, minus the pink and sparkles. But regardless of what I think, you and your little readers might be more open to a pink story with a black twist and you might even enjoy it. From what I know, some readers find it cute!  By the way, the lively and humorous pictures (with too many morbid details if you ask me) were done by LeUyen Pham, whom you might know from “Shoe La La”

Coming back to the dance topic, although the story is about the Ballet, I am more of a supporter of modern dance or ballroom dancing. Why? It seems to be healthier. Just look at the dancers’ bodies. They are true athletes, versus the malnourished ballerinas with their deformed feet. Ballet is sure pretty, but is it worth the pain?



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  1. The Lily and The Marrow
    Apr 25, 2013 @ 11:30:44

    I grew up on classical ballet training and I miss it now like crazy. I’m excited to introduce my daughter to dance if she is interested. I agree that it is such a wonderful way to share the expressions of your soul 🙂


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