1bookperday in June

The other day my son  was running in the park with his dad.  As they were passing by a lady strolling with her dog, the fluffy friend suddenly jumped at my son and bit him.The dog owner seemed apologetic, but the fact remains that my son was hurt and very scared. “That’s why I keep wanting a cat!” He told me in tears after the accident.

Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, gold-fish…  Sooner or later, for shorter or for longer, most of us will have a pet. If we are not animal people ourselves, our children will make us. I thought it would be a good idea to devote this month to reflecting about the role of pets in our children’s life and suggest a few books celebrating our animal friends. 

Since I am going to speak mostly theoretically, your input based on experience will be greatly appreciated.

I’ll see you in a few days with fresh books and thoughts, but today I have a treat for the children who would like to have a dog but can’t, because their apartment is just too small for an animal that likes to run around. Read to them  “I Want a Dog!” by Helga Bansch (post 266).  The book might inspire them to  find a compromise without compromising their love for dogs.





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