1bookperday in July: Traveling

Have you been to the airport lately? Even if you haven’t, you can easily imagine what it looks like this time of the year, right? CROWDED. And thanks goodness it’s crowded! With our social life mostly  home-based and digital (i.e. texting or tweeting instead of conversing, streaming movies instead of going to the cinema, playing tennis with a remote control instead of a racket), I’m quite happy to see that at least traveling hasn’t turned into a virtual adventure.  We swapped maps for a GPS and have phone apps for basically everything, yet we still have to hop on the plane or hit the road  in order to experience the world.

And why does it matter? Why should we experience the world? Why should our children explore other cities and countries? Well, I believe that traveling is the best geography, history and life lesson a little person can get. It opens children’s eyes and minds. It exposes them to different cultures, languages, foods. Traveling can be so inspiring!

And so can be the stories that I have for you this month: inspiring to discover the world. Whether you are planning a family vacation this summer and would like to show your child what to expect during the trip, or maybe you just want to stimulate your child’s interest in traveling as such,  there are many handy, interesting and educational picture books out there.

In the next post, I will tell you about a book introducing Asia to children, but for now, please feel free to browse my archives. For example:

69. “Charlie’s Mom’s Banana Soup” – my own creation

366. “Prancing Dancing Lilly” by Marsha Diane Arnold

Enjoy reading, packing your suitcases and have a safe trip!

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