“Olivia Goes to Venice” by Ian Falconer

I took my own advice and I took my kids (and my husband) traveling. This year we had Europe on our map. Greetings from my very own Poland, Everyone!  We are visiting the Lake District, Mazury, a land of Teutonic castles, palaces, virgin nature and deliciously fresh local food. I fully recommend this place  for an active vacation or if you’d simply like to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city.

But, if you don’t mind the urban landscape and traveling in time,  your choice is simple. Any of the European cities will offer an unforgettable experience.  Olivia went to Venice, for example.

And she was mesmerized by its beauty! From gondola rides along the canals, to Venice palaces, in which she wanted to live. She even  got to meet the city pigeons. It was a closer encounter than she had expected. The temperatures were  a bit too high, but there was enough gelato to cool off. Olivia was so enchanted with Venice that she wanted to take a piece of it with her.  How about a stone from the Bell Tower? It wasn’t the brightest idea, to be honest…

If your children already know Olivia, this unpredictable, talking porker, they  might like her vacation adventure as well. It could be especially useful a story if you are planning to visit Italy and Venice with your children. The collage pictures of the city are quite realistic. Unlike the story ending, though, which might be a bit confusing. I am not a big fan of the absurd finale, although I can see how some readers can find it amusing.


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