“Polar Opposites” by Erik Brooks

August has officially started but I haven’t even been to all the continents on my July travel pages. Hence the decision to continue the theme. After all, the summer is not over yet and there is no such thing as too much traveling.

Having settled that, I was left with another dilemma. Which continent should I take your children to next?  Luckily,  I came across “Polar Opposites”. With this book we can travel to three places at once.  What a sweet deal, right?

Alex lived in the Arctic, Zina in the Antarctic.  Alex was a big bear, Zina was a small penguin. Alex liked to get up late, Zina was an early bird.  Alex played TV loud, Zina cherished quiet moments with a book. Alex was messy, Zina neat. Despite all the differences, the two were best friends.  Naturally, they went on vacation together, even though, one preferred traveling by air and the other by sea, and one liked it cold the other preferred hot climates.  How did it work for them? Well, as best friends, Alex and ZIna were always ready to meet in the middle. How about the Galapagos Islands?

A compact story but so comprehensive.  Not only is  it a great tale about friendship and how the differences don’t matter, but also, it is a wonderful tool to increase your child’s command of opposites.  And last but not least, what a relevant geography lesson on both icy continents and the Darwin’s and turtles’ beloved islands. Looking at the speed at which glaciers melt and considering that the Galapagos Isles are said to be one of the first ones to go under the water, it makes sense to go visit as long as we can.

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