“Koala Lou” by Mem Fox

We’ve been north, we’ve been south. We’ve read our way east and west. Now it’s time o swing by the Aussie Land! You might have many reasons to visit Down Under, but the unique Australian wildlife us surely one of them. Where else can you see Kangaroos  and Dingos at large and spy other curiously named creatures, like Anteaters and Wombats.  If only Australia were a bit closer to the rest of the World…  Well,  it isn’t. But  what we, those who live in the “rest of the World”, can do for now is to read about it.

“Koala Lou”  is a  wonderful way to sharpen our appetite for the Australian outback.  Pamela Loft’s illustrations are not only an outstanding visual for Mem Fox’s touching story, but also an engaging picture of the Australian flora and fauna.

Koala Lou was a lovable little girl. Everyone loved her. Emu did, Platypus did, Koala Klaws did, but the one who loved her most was her mother. “Koala Lou, I do love you,” she reminded her every day. But things changed for Koala Lou with new siblings. The busy mom had no time to verbalize her love for Koala Lou, who started doubting her mother’s feelings for her. In order to attract the parent’s attention, she decided to enter the bush olympics and win the gum tree climbing competition. Unfortunately, she came second. But it didn’t matter. What really counted was hearing again her mother’s reassuring “Koala Lou, I do love you.”

Next to greetings from Australia, the book sends a powerful message to both parents and children. Communication is important. Verbal and non-verbal. After all, actions speak louder than words.

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