1bookperday in Autumn

No month speaks school louder  than September. At least in a big part of the world.  As I drop off my son to his new, Big Kid School, I can’t help reminiscing about my own school years.   I was quite a dork, so I thrived in the class-room.  I loved reading, learning, getting A’s and day dreaming about my future, which was always bright and far away from my little town. What was I going to be and where? Thirty plus years later, it is my son’s turn to do the same. Will he like school? What subjects will he be interested in? What talents will he discover? What is he going to be good at and what will be his Achilles’ heel?

This fall I’d like to focus on books about various school subjects. Language, Math, Science, Art… Perhaps they will be in line with your child’s interests and strengths or maybe they will help your child to fall in love something new, understand it and appreciate it better.  I am going to start with something that my creative brain never fully grasped, but is my son’s favorite so far, Math.

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