“Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book” by Julia Donaldson

Just like letters without words would merely be abstract shapes, the words without context don’t make much sense either. They can mean everything and nothing at the same time. But if you combine the right words in a clever sentence, arrange the sentences into a coherent paragraph and paragraphs into a captivating story, the book will carry you pages away before you know it. Books are addictive. but it’s a healthy addiction, isn’t it? It’s probably the one and only  that I don’t mind my children suffering from.

But first things first, how do we develop children’s interest in reading and teach them reading. The following worked for me:

1. Start reading to the child as early as possible.

Old habits die hard as the saying goes. Make reading an old habit and your child will keep it for life.

2. Choose the books that appeal to your child’s interests.

We’ve been through books about trains, cars, dinosaurs, superheros…  Let your child discover books about whatever interests them. It is valid not only for reading together but also for independent reading. To give you an example. My son loves math and he never objects reading instructions in his math practice book, which has dramatically enhanced his reading skills.

3. Be patient. 

You’ve taught them phonics and now you think they should be ready to read, right? Wrong. Make your child practice, when you think they are ready, but don’t push them. Give them the time.

4. Split-read.

You read one sentence or one page, then your child reads another. If there are different characters in a story, you can perform a role-play. Assign the reading parts wisely. Give your child shorter texts or parts with easier words. Give your child the first and the last page to read. It will seem as if they have read the whole story by themselves. You want to motivate not discourage your young reader.

5. Record your child’s reading.

My son loves it. He beams with pride as he hears himself read.

The other day, after we had read a book my son asked: “Can we read it again?” Honestly, every time I hear it, it’s like music to my ears. Of course we can! There is nothing I like better now than reading together. Currently, we devour Mo Willems’ humor. What’s your child’s favorite book? Do you want to know what Charlie Cook reads?

Charlie Cook’s favorite book was about a Pirate, who found a book about Goldilocks, who after invading the Bear Residence, got to read baby Bear’s favorite book, which was a story about a knight, who also liked to read about… At some point in this frolic pattern, even a scary, headless ghost has a favorite book! 

A greatly amusing rhyme by Julia Donaldson. A perfect way to show that there is a great book for everyone and that everyone reads. Or at least should read. Why? Because reading  brings do much joy!  Just look at my favorite bookworm, Roald Dahl’s “Matilda”.  And books bring knowledge. If you know when to stop munching, that is. Think about what happened to “The Incredible Book Eating Boy” by Oliver Jeffers



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  1. Claire McCoy
    Nov 06, 2013 @ 07:22:11

    We are still obsessed with Julia’s books. At the moment it’s “Jack and the Flum Flum Tree”. Excellent, have you and the boys read it?


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