History of Arts- a series by Laurence Anholt

Is it already December 7th? I feel like I still should write something about the upcoming Holidays before you start throwing your Christmas trees aways. Therefore, with today’s post, I’m closing the Arts team. Armed with great books, I tried to convince you in my previous posts that learning through art can have lots of advantages for your child. From developing fine motor skills , to stimulating their imagination, and exposing  interest and talent in art, dabbing at creative activities at school or home is a win-win game for kids and parents alike. Today’s books are no longer meant to argue for the obvious benefits.  Today’s books, all of them written by Laurence Anholt,  are meant to introduce children to some of the greatest artists in the history of art and serve as an art lesson and inspiration. 

1. “Degas and the Little Dancer” 

 A wonderful way to introduce your child to Edgar Degas, a great French painter and sculptor,  a lover of horses and dancers. The book is actually about his most famous sculpture, a little dancer. By learning who was the model, your child learns a lot about the artists. A beautiful and touching story.

2. “The Magical Garden of Claude Monet” 

Lilly, a little girl from Paris goes to visit the country. She thinks she is visiting a regular garden and meeting a regular gardener, but in fact, she is chatting with the very Monet. A poetic lesson on impressionism

3. “Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail”

Shy Sylvette got convinced by her neighbor, Picasso, to pose for a picture.  Aren’t you curious to see the result? Would you like to be painted by Picasso? A great introduction to cubism. 

Surprise, surprise, there are more books by the same author about other great artists. Van Gogh, Cezanne, Mattise… A list is long. Definitely not boring, certainly not too difficult, actually, most engaging and educational. Quite a creative series. A delightfully colorful reading treat.


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