“Little Santa” by Jon Agee

Happy Holidays Everyone!

White or not,  I hope your Holidays are  joyous and bright! And warm. The last one is my personal wish. We are going to NY tomorrow and I must say, I’m freezing already. I will need a lot of hot chocolate (and other beverages) in the following days. Especially at my parents-in-law’s house with it’s cathedral ceilings. You just can’t heat that place up! Is the dislike of low temperatures symptomatic of getting older? It can’t depend on the upbringing as I had four proper seasons growing-up. It must be something to do with age. The Claus family from today’s book seems to confirm my theory.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus could not take the miserable weather of the North Pole any longer. They decided to move to Florida. Unfortunately not all of their children fancied the idea. Little Santa Claus would rather play in the snow than bathe in the sun. Lucky for Santa, a big blizzard complicates the move. The house is cut off by the snow. Yet, it is Little Santa who finds a way out through the chimney, meets a helpful reindeer and a bunch of elves, all ready to rescue the Claus family. The move to Florida happens as planned. However, someone has changed his plans…

If you want to know who decided to stay behind, you have to read the book. An amusing story about Santa’s fun childhood in the North Pole. Humorous cartoons with numerous curious details. Classic Agee. A great book to read this Christmas or any time.

Time to pack suitcases and get ready for the trip, so once again, Happy Holidays, Everyone! Stay warm in this cold season and see you on my pages next year!


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