I Have No Excuses. I Have Other Priorities, Though.

You might not have seen the original post, but you must have heard about the storm that it has recently created all over the www. Actually, by now, it has even gone beyond the digital media and reached the printed press. The post was basically a selfie (apparently this term has also recently made its way outside the computer and into the English dictionary) of a super fit mom of three, provocatively titled “What’s your excuse?”

As I was reading about what controversy the post had triggered, my first thought was: “Really? Don’t we have anything else to worry about? Is it even thought-worthy? Leave the woman alone.” My second thought was a bit longer: “Congratulations, Fit Mom! You do look fantastic, indeed.  I hope that one day my abs will look like yours. For now, my belly is perfect otherwise, a.k.a. round. Even though I am generally fit and thin, my post-baby bump sticks out. I have even recently been asked if I was expecting again.  Well, it was a bit embarrassing and  I don’t have an excuse.  I don’t go to the gym, I don’t exercise on the mat. I walk a lot, often carrying 25 wiggly lbs of my toddler, but unfortunately this doesn’t pay me back with brick-hard abs but with a backache and sore legs. Don’t try to make me feel bad about my long overdue curves. I have other priorities.

Getting back to life after having a baby is a challenge for many of us, moms. But it is  a different challenge for each of us. In my case, the challenge was my mental fitness. I like books, but after having my first son, it took me a year (!!!) to resume reading. Glossy magazines were all I had time and energy for. Even worse, it seemed like in the first months after having a baby, my brain didn’t generate a single creative thought. I felt like a robot. Second time around I was more prepared and as hard as it has been, I do make time for reading, writing and a bit of working.  Even if it takes just a tiny part of my days, it makes me feel better. It keeps me in mental shape. Keeping my creative brain active is MY priority. Along with keeping my sons safe, cooking healthy dinners for my family, going to the park with my sons, having some time to chat with my husband, keeping in touch with my friends…

Other moms have their priority lists. Getting an MBA, finding a decent job, starting up a company, getting published, getting famous, getting some sleep… And guess what, lot of us succeed in those areas. Do you, Fit Mom, want us all to start brandishing our Harvard diplomas, fat paychecks and other proofs of fulfillment and success on our websites?  Besides, if I am not mistaken, you do fitness for a living, right? You must have a gorgeous body or look for a different a job. Your body is your CV after all. But it isn’t ours, so why are you trying to bully us with your irrelevant question? Of course, keeping our bodies healthy is very important. Besides, exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, which make us happy. However, don’t you think that obsessing about it is more unhealthy than a few extra pounds?”

As my lengthy second thought indicates, it was a thought-worthy post after all. I am dedicating it to all the moms, who, due to the unfortunate post or regardless of it started looking for excuses. Most likely you don’t need any.  You’ve got other things to worry about. And other priorities.

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