Is My 5-Year-Old Burnt Out?

Or does he just like to give me a hard time?

It was yesterday. I was driving my son to his TaeKwonDo practice. I was about to ask him if he was ready for his upcoming promotion test, when he suddenly had a question to me. “Mommy, when are you going to sign me out of TKD?” I was confused. What? Sign him out? He can’t wait from one belt to another, he is actually testing for the blue belt this weekend and I know he likes the sport and is good at it. Why is he thinking about signing out? I double checked  if he really meant what he said, but, sadly, he confirmed. “Yes, sign me out, forever.” The reason? He simply said he was too tired  after school. He’d rather play dodge ball or tag with his friends. (Who can’t come to the park because of the million classes  they take!!!)  I don’t know whether I was more disappointed, sad or embarrassed. Not because my son decided to quit what appeared to be his favorite sport, but because my son appeared to be burnt out!  I agreed to take a break from the sport and resume when my son was ready. Or not to resume at all.

I was supposed to write about something and someone else this week, but then my own family filled my head with thoughts that might be worth sharing with you, my fellow parents. Especially now that you start thinking about your children’s summer camps and next year’s after-school classes. In my mind, my son’s days were filled with minimum burden and maximum fun:  school in a.m., Spanish (play)school, in (one) p.m. and two hours of TKD per week. Apparently, I was wrong. Regardless of how much fun it is, there is only as much as a little 5-year-old can handle. 







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