Kids can make you feel…

Kids can make you feel proud, like when you freak out about running late while searching for your nowhere-to-be-found car keys and your five-year-old tries to calm you with  “Mommy, it’s not your worst day.” Kids can make your heart melt, like when your toddler greets his older brother with a good-morning hug or when the older guy finds his comfort zone next to his baby brother, not next to his friends at a birthday party.  Kids can make your adrenaline level go through the roof, like when seeing your rookie biker go down the hill at the speed of light. Kids can make your eyes roll, when your usually observant son can’t find a matching sock that he is just staring at. Kids can make you bite your tongue, when your friends comment  on your son’s name choice as a more suitable for Thor than a baby and you wonder if you should mention a potential a correlation between their son’s sorrowful name and him crying a lot?

But what I’ve been discovering lately is that kids can also make you feel quite humble. Like when you want to hide behind a menu card at a restaurant and anonymously take care of other people’s bills as a compensation for a zoo dinner experience. Or like when you have to pay 150 dollars for a shop window decoration that your boys decided to smash.  Or like when you have to apologize to the mother of a little baby that your unpredictable toddler decided to tackle for fun.

Parenthood is not only smiles and bliss. It’s a lot of tears and racing heartbeat. But you know what? I embrace it all and fully recommend it.

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