What our Children Can Learn from Football Stars

I’ve always known I wasn’t cut out to play football. But now that the World Cup is coming to an end, I have also found out that I’m not made to watch football either.  I take it too emotionally apparently. A game score can virtually affect my day, and even if the team I cheered for wins, my feelings get all mixed up when the cameras show the shattered dreams of those who have lost. It’s just too nerve-racking.

But it’s also quite mesmerizing watching the very superstars pushing their limits, no matter how many trophies on their account. Their perseverance is as inspiring as their talent. They know that the physical fitness can help them to win a game,  but it is the mental stamina that can help them to win a tournament. Only those who are able to find a new strength in losing and don’t get carried away by winning can make history. 

Now, how does it all translate to parenting? Simple. Whether my boys will be football players or not, I hope they will know that talent is not all that leads to success. What also matters is focus, hard work and humbleness. And a pinch of good luck of course, if you want a complete recipe.




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