To Be a Geek or Not to Be

The other day my son heard someone use a word geek and asked me what it meant. I told him it that a geek is a person who likes working on the computer a lot. “Mommy, then you are a geek,” my son concluded.

Well, I’m not. In many ways, I wish I were a geek. This blog would look much sleeker then and I would get more traffic on my website. Perhaps I would even have a fancy Facebook account. But, no. Calling me a geek offends any real geeks. I must admit, though, my son gets to see me use the computer on a regular basis. What he doesn’t know is that sometimes I write this blog on the computer, sometimes I pay bills and some other time I check the news. In his eyes, I’m a geek.

I find his observation both funny and sad. I know that computers are a part of our lives these days and I’m happy to use them.  I love all the things I can do with just one laptop. But I still, don’t want to be viewed as a parent who is so connected with the whole wide world, that is actually… disconnected.

I shared my dilemma with a friend. According to her,  it’s good for our children to see us work. It’s a good example for them. I fully agree. But at the same time I think that working on the computer is misleading for children. All they know is that  computers can be used for playing games and watching movies. Don’t they think that this is what the parents use their computers for? Doesn’t it promote recreational screen time?

I’m genuinely curious what you think.  Perhaps my non-geek theory is too far-fetched, over-analyzed and from the 20th century?


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