Great people I admire and of whom I want my children to know: Natalya Yampolsky

What does Natalya Yampolsky and New York have in common, apart from their initials? Just like art meets business in NYC, creativity meets professionalism in Natalya’s studio.

I first heard about this talented Russian artist from Atlanta ( when I was looking for a web designer. A friend recommended Natalya.  I saw her portfolio and I instantly fell in love with her art.  I knew she was the right person to design my writing website. She is the right person to design anything! Her imagination and versatility have no limits. Her art is warm, intimate and as elaborate as Belgian lace. You can basically feel the texture of every drawing and painting without touching it. And don’t let me get started on her claymation, “Music of My Soul”. Touching and inspiring.

When I started working with Natalya on a book (yes, she also does illustrations), I discovered that next to the ultra-artistic side, she is also utterly professional.  She is knowledgeable, competent and full of great advice. She is my artistic guru.

I’m glad my children are going to meet her soon. She will be in CA in a few weeks. I hope her talent is somehow contagious and will spread upon my boys:-)

Natalya has a lot in common with NY, but there are some differences between the two as well.  Firstly, New York’s reputation is already established and Natalya’s greatness is still unfolding.  Secondly, unlike the tireless Big Apple, Natalya has to sleep sometimes.

A propos, it’s already 11.05 pm. Have a good night!



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