The Kids Will Be All Right, Won’t They?

If there was one thing I did right in preparation for this summer,  it was getting a membership at I knew that regardless of how much fun I would have with my boys I would need to hand them over to a fun nanny for a couple of hours here and there. Not everyone could do so, though. You must have heard about the S. C. mom, who left her 9-year-old daughter at the park, while she was at work.  Since leaving a child this age unattended is illegal in S. C., the police was notified and the mother arrested. Apparently if you live in Illinois, you need to provide childcare even for a 13-year-old according to the law. Ironically, I know of many parents whose babysitters are this age.

I understand that it’s all about our children’s safety, but I also know that at that age I and all of my friends used to walk to school, stay at home, or play outside alone and nothing happened. Nothing happened to the S. C. girl either. Aren’t we all trying to over-supervise our children these days?

I was thinking about it the other day while at the park. My older son was busy on the play structure and my toddler was playing in the sand box with other children. I, just  the other moms or nannies, was sitting idly nearby watching the scene. Our only job was to monitor the kids that were doing perfectly fine without us staring at them non-stop. To be honest, I felt a bit silly. I could have brought a magazine or a book, but I didn’t, because I was supposed to watch the boys. I did have my phone though. The moment I took my eyes off of my boys,  my safely playing toddler was heading towards the street holding in his hand a “ball”, a.k.a. old dog poop.

I put my phone away and resumed my watching duty. I kept thinking though. Would my son have rushed into the street or come back to the sandbox without my intervention? What would he have done with his new “ball”?  As much as I’m curious, I’m glad I didn’t have to find out.

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