Take it easy. It’s summer for everyone.

There is nothing like a good book in the summer. I have recently devoured “Heads in Beds” by Jacob Tomsky. An unorthodox guide to hotels for any hotel guest, plus a hilarious read for anyone who likes a well written story.  But what has really turned my summer around was an article in the latest issue of my favorite weekly, “The Economist”.

The article was about the impact of our childhood on our later success in life. Scientists looked at twins adopted by families with a different social status. The study showed that whether a twin was brought up in a fell-off family and attended good schools or was raised by parents with more modest financial means and less education, they both would bring home a similar pay-check in the future. In other words, our upbringing is not all that matters in life. The genetic predispositions pay a great role as well, which means that the more we put on our children is NOT necessarily the better.  The more art classes, the more homework, the more sports… it all means only more stress for a child and more wasted money for the parent, if the child doesn’t have a drive for it. On the other hand, if they have it in them, they will make use of it. What we, as parents, need to provide is love and support.

The other morning I woke up with a raging headache. The coffee wasn’t helping and neither were my rambunctious boys. I needed some peace and quiet. And a long relaxing shower. But what to do with the boys? They can’t be punished for my headache and crankiness with a boring morning at home.  I weighed my options and…  “How about a movie, boys?” The Kids were confused. “What? Really?” Butut they were glued to TV in no time. And so was my head to the pillow.  Peace and quiet it was, with zero guilt. Following the findings of the above study I decided that taking it easy (or even slacking) on some less-easy days is not going to affect my sons career. They are smart enough and have decent genes.  And I believe in them.

Besides, it’s summer, both for the kids and the moms.

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