“You’re Finally Here!” by Mélanie Watt

Mélanie Watt, a Canadian author and illustrator has a talent for creating  memorable picture books with even more memorable characters. You must be familiar with the resourceful, yet a bit cautious, Scaredy Squirrel, or the sassy and arrogant Chester the cat.  Today, I’d like you to meet the bunny, a bit needy, emotionally unbalanced and at the same time quite hilarious creature.

In “You’re Finally Here!” the bunny, gives the reader a hard time for showing up late. Apparently the reader has kept him waiting long enough to learn “accordion solo”. It’s so unfair to keep the bunny waiting. It’s just like “being too short to go on a ride” . And as annoying as “an itchy sweater”. Not to mention how rude it is. Just like “sticking gum under the sofa”. Finally the bunny starts feeling bad about the whole emotional meltdown and appears very happy to see the reader, if they promise to stay with him forever, that is. And then Vernie calls and the reader basically stops existing. Who is rude now, right?

However obnoxious the bunny is, I must say that he is quite a character. My son got some good laughs from this self-centered carrot lover, with most expressive eyebrows.  Next to the laughs, though, I wouldn’t mind if my son learned a thing or two about being less self-centered, more understanding, more patient, more forgiving, more accountable for his words… I know it’s a lot to ask and it’s not going to happen overnight but I think it’s always good to talk about it.

To sum up, “You’re Finally Here!” is a an amusing read with lot os wit in the text and tons of humor in the cartoonish illustration. The book reminds me of the Pigeon series by Mo Willems. It’s written in the same format, in which the character speaks with the reader. What do you call it, by the way? A silent dialogue? Whatever it is, it makes a good book even more engaging and memorable.


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